Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can't get enough of that Seattle charm!

Having never been to Seattle, I was quite excited for the mouth adventures I'd be embarking on! I've heard so many great things about the food, and Pike Place, that I had built up this fantasy food land to which I couldn't fathom it living up to.

Simply? I was wrong. ;)

The bustle, air, and color of Pike Place aroused all of my senses. From the wear of the brick, to the handcrafted trinkets adorning tables, I was hooked. I'm smelling a million different things, and then I hear crab cocktail being yelled in my general direction...... Challenge accepted.

First stop was the Pike Place Fish Market! These men are scruffy, good looking, and like to yell nice things at you while enticing you with fresh fish... Immediately I'm hooked. Get in my mouth! The fish that is ;)
They're so eager to help you and educate you on their history, and where the fish comes from! They're witty and will give you recipes on a moments notice. Truly a stellar way to kick off The Great Mouth Adventure of Sept. 2013! 

Of course I need to follow this amazing crab cocktail up with a little vino, and I had seen a specialty wine and truffle store whilst on our walk. Again, WINE AND TRUFFLES!! The only 2 other things on my list of things I will ALWAYS put in my mouth besides seafood. 
We walk in to the La Buona Tavola Truffle Cafe and I'm engulfed in the scent. I'm in heaven. Literally my heaven. We're greeted incredibly warmly by the owner, Rei Hanscomb. Proclaimed by many as the truffle queen. Her family owns a truffle farm and a bed and breakfast in Italy! It's like she was bred for this! Haha 
Borgo La Torre in Italy is a well sought after bed and breakfast. It's beauty and hosts are surpassed by few. The reviews are incredible, and I hope to one day review it. *Cough* You hear that Rei!? *Cough*
She starts us off with some really incredible wines based on mine and Calan's individual tastes. We're both
impressed and blown away. So much attention to detail with the select few wines they carry. We get talking and time passes, it's like we're at home! So friendly! 
Rei is then joined by her manager, and friend. Her name is Ann Brooks, and she's the resident Wine Geek!
Her welcome is just as warm, but is coupled with integral wine knowledge that she is more than happy to throw at you! The more we drink, the more truffle products are sampled, and I'm just sitting back enjoying the ride. If you're in Pike Place and don't stop here, we're friends off ;)

My last recommendation is Smith's in Capitol Hill. It's a dark crafted cocktail bar. With taxidermy, mirrors, and wood accents. It's inviting, and for lack of a better description, it's very hipster. Their happy hour made me very happy! $5 Negroni, and $5 charcuterie board!? I'd be stupid not to bathe in all of it. I opted for the full price charcuterie as it had all of the options, and was only $5 more. My afternoon, and early evening was very well spent bantering with the regulars, and feeling at home. It definitely is comparable to cocktails bars at home in Vancouver, only more affordable! Ha!

All in all Seattle didn't disappoint, and it was a successful visit to a land of flavors. 

Boom! All of these places have things that should definitely be in and around your mouths. From mine to yours! In a non bird feeding way. LOL

Get eating!!

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